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You can’t win without a great team, and we’re extremely grateful for the talents of these passionate people who bring their “A” game every day to help turn our customer’s visions into reality.   The V8 Speed & Resto Shop Crew is a group of world-class individuals who care about our customers personal attachment to the cars they build as much as the cars themselves.   It’s no wonder we work on so many family heirlooms, like the 1951 Chevy pickup in the background of this photo, a truck that belonged to our customer’s grandfather and helps his memory live on after a complete restoration in our shop.  Visitors to our shop can tell right away that the team is passionate about what they do, and that results in great work.   We’re grateful for wonderful customers who  entrust their prized classics to us, and for our exceptional crew who appreciates the significance of the opportunity to reconnect people with special times of their lives through things with wheels.   Thank you! 


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Thanksgiving day was quiet here at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, so we took the opportunity to shoot some video of the cars in progress at our shop.  Our crew demonstrates tremendous talent and they take exceptional care and pride in their work, and we cannot thank them enough for all that they do. We also appreciate our customers for allowing us to work on these cars, some of which are family are heirlooms going back many decades and are practically family members themselves. In this video, we take a look at some of the cars in process and some that have just arrived.   

We’re happy to assist you with your classic or Muscle Car restoration needs with a full-service restoration and performance center and world-class crew.


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