V8 Speed & Resto Shop Muscle Car Restoration Shop Tour November 2019 V8TV

Take a lap of the V8 Speed & Resto Shop and a look at some of the Classics and Muscle Cars in progress! We're fortunate to have great customers and a very talented crew to being these cars to the next level. From rust repair, mechanical work, body, paint, and interior to complete restoration, we do it all in-house. We're always happy to discuss new projects, what does your ride need?

Posted by V8 Speed & Resto Shop on Friday, November 15, 2019

We recently took a few minutes after hours at the V8 Speed and Resto shop to share a look around at some of the classics and muscle cars we’re working on for customers.   Our crew demonstrates tremendous talent and they take exceptional care and pride in their work, and we cannot thank them enough for all that they do. We also appreciate our customers for allowing us to work on these cars, some of which are family heirlooms going back many decades and are practically family members themselves. In this video, we take a look at some of the cars in process here at the shop.  We’re happy to assist you with your classic or Muscle Car restoration needs with a full-service restoration and performance center and world-class crew.   

We offer complete restoration services, including sheet metal replacement,  rust repair and fabrication, bodywork and painting, mechanical repairs, engine and driveline swaps and upgrades, dyno tuning, complete upholstery and interior services, and more.   


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