It seems like somebody flips a switch and fall turns into winter. We are performing classic car winterization services now at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop! Bring your classic or Muscle Car by and we will check fhe freezing point of your coolant and change if necessary.   We will also perform an oil change to remove contaminated and moisture filled summertime driving oil. This is important to prevent corrosion of internal engine parts during winter storage.  We can add a fuel system stabilizer, check tire pressure an inflate as needded, and make sure all other fluids are up to spec.  We will also install a quick disconnect battery tender to keep your charging system happy during winter storage. In the spring, simply unplug the tender quick disconnect, and your car should be ready to drive.   We can also provide detailing and paint, chrome, and interior conditioning and preservation tricks for winter storage.     Call today for an appointment!   314.783.8325