1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS Convertible Upgrades at V8 Speed and Resto Shop V8TV

This very clean 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS convertible recently came to the V8 Speed and REsto Shop in need of a heart transplant.   The 396 under the hood was pretty anemic, and the owner wanted some more power, so the V8 Speed team upped the ante with a new Chevrolet Performance ZZ427.   This is a 480 horsepower big block Chevy V8, and the V8 crew topped it with a Holley Terminator Stealth EFI system. 

The Camaro is a real RS car, born in the same black exterior and parchment interior colors you see here.  It has some cool options, like the rally gauge package in the console and the headrests topping the bucket seats.    

However, this one is not all stock, by any stretch.   In addition to that thumping 427, you’ll find a 5-speed manual transmission in place of the original 4-speed, and tubular suspension and coil-over springs and shocks for better handling.    The wheels look right, but they are upsized billet aluminum Chevy Rally style wheels wrapped in custom modern redline tires from Diamondback Classics.   These are a great choice for any restomod Camaro. 

The Holley Terminator Stealth fuel injection system looks almost exactly like a Holley double pumper carb, but offers better starting, instant response, and modern fuel and timing control that can’t be matched by a carburetor.    The 427 utilizes aluminum heads and a full roller cam valvetrain, so the risk of flattening a lobe or trashing a lifter is negated. 

We always like to build tasteful restomods here at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop.  If you’ve got a Camaro or any other Muscle Car that needs some love, we’re happy to chat about it!   You can reach us at www.v8speedshop.com today.